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Having a sustainable approach in your promotional merchandise is beyond a simple choice of items.

During 2019’s industry tradeshows it was clear that choosing Green promotional materials is more than just a trend, it is the future inevitable responsible practice. While few years ago we had very limited options for Eco-friendly promo items, the variety of items, materials and technology today is truly impressive!

At our Inspiration day in March, you could have the opportunity to touch & feel a big selection of Eco-products.  If you missed our Inspiration Day, you are very welcome to visit us and have together a tour! “We want to challenge you to make the difference, go beyond and choose a bio pen or bottle.”

At Promidea, we have prepared a full guide for a Sustainable approach in your choice of premiums, explaining all the available materials and technologies and their actual impact, so you can make an informed and responsible choice rather than just tick a box. With more and more of our clients having to meet their challenging sustainability goals in the next few years, we need to look beyond the simple selection of products. Carbon footprint, packaging, polybags, recycling, sustainable sourcing and a whole lot more elements that we need to proactively consider. If you would like to learn more, let’s explore all the alternative ways we can make a difference “together”.


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