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3 effective choices towards a sustainable promotional products industry


To mark World Environment Day 2021, we want to focus on the most effective choices that your organization can make to improve the environment.

This year’s theme is Reimagine, Recover, Restore. The UN has predicted that, by the year 2050, humankind will need three planets to sustain itself (with the current rate of population growth and consumption). In the last 100 years, the world population increased from 2 billion to 7.8 billion today!

With more than 40,000 promotional materials companies globally and more than 5bn promotional products annually, our industry does not remain indifferent to this environmental issue. The best way to start helping the ecosystem restoration is a behavior change. That’s why in all our actions, we need to consider how to use the world’s resources more efficiently, reduce climate impact, and manage business more responsibly.

Here are three choices that your company can make towards a sustainable promotional industry:

1. Increase Environmental and Social Standards

Up to 90% of an organization’s environmental impact lies in the value chain. Give your customers new possibilities around corporate social responsibility and brand compliance by introducing sustainability values and practices within your business.

Go green with your procurement, production, and distribution policies to reduce the footprint of your products and operations.

Let’s make our industry safer by promoting awareness and improving compliance in social and environmental responsibility.

2. Use Green Packaging

Multiple layers of unnecessary plastic are a thing of the past. They can damage the environment and your budget as well. Make your manufacturing packaging process more efficient and affordable by choosing eco-friendly packing solutions, like biodegradable or plant-based materials.

Join all the brands that are benefiting from eco-friendly and ethical packaging. This way, it will be easier for your brand to reduce its carbon footprint. Also, it will ensure that companies are run with good corporate governance, and that workers all over the world work in safe environments and are being paid fairly.

This decision will lead to a thriving economy and will guarantee that neither we nor our children's children will run out of resources.

3. Choose Eco-Friendly Promotional Products

Many companies are making informed changes to make a difference by reducing purchases of products and services that are not sustainable.

Choosing eco-friendly promotional products will help you diminish your environmental impact. If you use nature-based solutions in your premiums, you can help slow climate change by 37% by 2030.

Furthermore, it also helps enhance your brand image. On average, 72% of consumers prefer to associate with a brand that makes sustainable choices and would pay a premium for sustainable options.

It is our ethical responsibility to preserve life. We must continue to develop and promote sustainable solutions that keep the planet safe for future generations.

Just imagine what world you want to live in. Are you satisfied with what you are leaving behind? It all starts with a choice.

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