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Inspiration Day 2019

A unique opportunity for marketing & procurement professionals to touch & feel thousands of innovative products and discuss the latest industry trends with true experts.

On the 14th of March 2019 we organized a multi-sectoral products showroom in our HQ, full of the latest trends, ideas and innovations in the world of promotional products and premiums. 

We welcomed 60 Marketing & Procurement professionals across different industries & Brands who took the opportunity and joined us, having a wonder around and filling up with inspiration for the year ahead. Our expert teams were there to satisfy any questions, to exhibit the products and the latest trends in materials & branding.

Given the ever-growing interest and requests from our clients we dedicated separate particular sections to exhibit Technology products, Drinkware and Beauty Products in line with our sustainability commitments providing to them real alternatives of today’s ECO & sustainable products and materials.

Here are some wonderful comments we received from that day:

“I am writing to you because today, thanks to your initiative, we spent two hours in the company of wonderful people, watching promotional materials that have delighted and inspired us for current and future projects. The world of promotions is vibrant, colorful, and you've made us a more delightful day with hundreds, maybe even thousands of products. It must be great to be surrounded by them daily!”

“It was great to touch & feel the products we usually see in pictures. It makes such a difference!”

“Great speaking with real experts about products!”

If you feel you missed out, send us a message and we will make sure to update you with our latest news and events, and receive your invitation to Inspiration Day 2020!

We plan to organize Inspiration Days in several countries of our presence so stay tuned with us!


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