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Meet our Middle East & Africa General Manager, Ioanna Sfetsidou

Meet Ioanna Sfetsidou, the General Manager of Promidea MEA, whose career journey from Romania to Dubai has been nothing but thrilling. Leading markets across 15 diverse countries in the Middle East and Africa, Ioanna brings a unique perspective on various cultures and economies across MEA.


1.Tell us about your career journey and what do you like about working at PROMIDEA, what do you think is special about us?

Joining Promidea in 2016 in Romania and then moving in Dubai in 2018 to manage and develop the Middle East and Africa Promidea branch has been an exhilarating journey.

Leading markets across more than 15 diverse countries in these regions has been a remarkable experience, as it has allowed me to immerse myself in a multitude of cultures and economies. Working closely with our multicultural clients, I've had the privilege of understanding their unique challenges and aspirations, which has been a catalyst for our mutual growth. One of our standout achievements during this time has been transforming Promidea's division into a true growth engine for the company.

This journey has not only been professionally rewarding but also personally enriching as it continues to inspire me to seek new horizons and unlock further potential within our ever-expanding and dynamic markets. And most importantly work with a bunch of passionate go-getters.

 Promidea MEA Team

2. What motivated you to become a leader?

The feeling I am contributing to something bigger than myself! 

As the General Manager of Promidea MEA, I oversee a dynamic and results-oriented team that is dedicated to delivering outstanding Below-the-Line (BTL) marketing solutions.  I can confidently affirm that our team structure is the backbone of our success in the region. Unwavering dedication and commitment to innovation have enabled us to craft tailor-made solutions that resonate with our clients and their audiences. Through teamwork and a relentless pursuit of excellence, we've been able to deliver impactful, results-driven campaigns that have made a tangible difference in the BTL & Premiums landscape across the Middle East and Africa.


3. In your current role, you are responsible for managing the MEA branch. In general, the ratio between men and women is uneven in leading roles. What advice would you give to women looking to get into this role?

We’ve been taught that a woman should stand up for herself, but a strong woman stands up for everybody else and what she believes in. Don’t be afraid to stand out and find your voice. This voice is your strength, and once you find it hone it and practise.


4. What has been the most complex project you worked on and what is the most exciting project that your team worked on until now? 

 It is actually a project we work right now for OREO...I cannot say more for now....So stay tuned for the upcoming chapter of "Promidea MEA: A Journey of Diversity, Innovation, and Success."!


5. What is your biggest learning experience since working with us?

My exposure to diverse cultures in Africa, the Middle East and Europe has equipped me with the necessary tools to adapt to each market. This experience has been the  most valuable part of our continued growth in MEA.


5. And finally, why do you continue to choose PROMIDEA?

We have grown as a family here at Promidea in MEA, we face challenges on a daily basis. However the way in which we pull through together and make magic for our clients is something I have never seen before in such a diverse team.

Promidea MEA Team

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